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Q.1. Which sari style is more comfortable to wear for a full day?
Ans – A pre-draped sari is the most comfortable as you can slip into it and it saves you the hassle of draping. Indya has a wide variety of pre-draped saris with florals, foil prints, embroidered details, and ruffles.

Q.2. Are saris comfortable to wear?
Ans – Yes, Indya’s pre-draped saris are comfortable and fuss-free. The collection has styles with different colors, prints, and details, making it the perfect pick for any festive occasion.

Q.3. Which type of fabric is best for saree?
Ans – A fabric that is breathable, comfortable, easy to style and move around in, is best suited for a sari. Indya has a wide collection of saree skirts and tunics made of fabrics that are effortless and fuss-free.

Q.4. Which type of sari is best suited for a formal function?
Ans – A sari that is easy to drape is best suited for any formal function. Indya’s collection of pre-draped saris is perfect as they feature prints and details suited for any occasion or mood.

Q.5. Is a sari a dress?
Ans – No, a sari is not a dress.