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Bangles: A Stylish Accessory For Every Occasion

Bangles are a traditional accessory that adds style to any girl's outfit. They are available in various options to suit every taste and preference. They elevate your style and add a glamorous touch to a special event. They can also be a fun accessory for everyday wear.

At Indya, you can find the perfect bangles to express your flair. A few types of bangles for girls are given below:

Stone Bangles

Stone Bangles feature the work of gemstones. They can be adorned with bangles, such as rubies, diamonds, emeralds and other semi-precious stones. At Indya, you can find Stone bangles in various designs and settings. Some bangles may feature a single large stone as the centerpiece, while others may have multiple smaller stones arranged in a pattern. Gemstones are known for their vibrant colors and stunning brilliance. These bangles can be mixed and matched to create unique combinations to suit your mood and outfit.

Glass Bangles

Glass Bangles are traditional accessories made from glass. They are known for their vibrant and eye-catching colors. Glass bangles often feature intricate designs, patterns, or textures. These designs can be achieved through painting, etching, or embedding glitter and mirrors. Glass bangles hold cultural significance in many regions and are often worn during festive occasions and celebrations. Glass Bangles are considered a part of Indian wedding essentials. In many regions of India, a set of red and white glass bangles, known as "chooda," is an essential part of the bride's wedding attire. Besides the chooda, brides wear a set of glass bangles that match their wedding attire. The colors and designs may vary based on regional customs and personal preferences.

Pearl Bangles

Pearl Bangles exude elegance and sophistication. They are crafted using lustrous pearls and precious metals like gold or silver. Pearl bangles have a classic appeal that always stays in style. Pearl bangles are a popular choice for bridal bangles. Brides wear them to enhance their wedding ensemble to symbolize femininity and love. These fancy bangles' designs complement traditional bridal attire and can be combined with pearl jewelry pieces like necklaces and earrings for a cohesive look.

Thread Bangles

Thread Bangles are commonly known as thread-wrapped bangles. Thread bangles are made by wrapping threads around a base bangle. The base bangle provides structure and stability, while the threads add color and texture. These bangles are lightweight and comfortable to wear. These have various customisation options as well. Silk Thread Bangles are made using colorful silk threads wrapped around a base material. The base material is usually plastic or metal. These bangles are versatile accessories that can be worn on different occasions. They can be paired with traditional attire for festivals, weddings, or cultural events. Silk thread bangles are lightweight and comfortable, making them suitable for long periods without causing discomfort. In addition, thread bangles designs can be embellished with decorative elements like beads or embroidery. These additions can enhance the overall aesthetic and make the bangles more eye-catching. Thread bangles offer a fun and fashionable twist to traditional bangles.

Final Thoughts

Bangles are culturally significant and often worn during special occasions such as weddings or festive celebrations. You can find various bangles, including Indian wedding bangles sets, at Indya. You can find wedding bangles sets for occasions such as bridal, sangeet and mehndi. Caring for your bangles is essential to maintain their beauty and longevity. It's important to handle them carefully, keep them from harsh chemicals or extreme conditions, and store them properly to prevent damage.


Q.How to determine the right size of bangles for my wrist?
Ans.To determine your bangle size, measure the circumference of your wrist using a flexible measuring tape. Compare the measurement to a bangle size chart or consult a jeweller to find the appropriate size.

Q.Can I wear bangles with Western outfits, or is it only for traditional attire?
Ans.Bangles can be worn with both traditional and Western outfits. They can add a touch of elegance to any outfit, depending on the style and design of the bangles you choose.

Q.Can I wear multiple bangles together?
Ans.Yes, wearing multiple bangles together is a popular trend. You can mix and match different colors and designs of bangles to create a unique and personalized look.


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