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Traditional & Stylish Men clothing

The first priority of a man is to cover his body and then to enhance his beauty and smartness through clothes. Although we all wear any type of stuff in everyday life. But when it comes to our festivals, a long range of Indian fabrics starts appearing in front of us, in which we choose and scour it according to our wish. This is because we all do not want to miss any kind of opportunities and also enjoy it in better ways. Various types of ethnic groups are found in India, whose identity is determined by their religion, work and place, and according to this diversity is also seen in the occasions. Due to which the different types of designs and colours of our dresses are also determined it happens. Apart from this, according to today's era, we all are wearing fashionable fabric giving more priority than traditional clothes.

Men kurta

Men's kurta is a traditional outfit. It is popular and originated from Asian countries, like- India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan. It’s over the pants which reach to the waist or a little below. It is one of the most popular men's garments. Its common feature is its loose fit and from the front it is opened and closed in two parts like a door. Also commonly worn with trousers. Men's kurtas range from simple to different types of designs and colors. Its design is made from threads and attractive patterns are printed with colorful flowers, leaves or a mixture of colors. Its length is decided by the paint worn below. Which is decided by different types of religious groups, social environment and geographical location, like in India or other South Asian countries, kurta is white in color and loosely worn by men so that it reflects the heat and light of the sun and makes them feel comfortable. In the same cold regions, preference is given to colorful kurtas. Presently, these garments come in different styles which enhance our personality, especially a beautiful and attractive kurta that can be identified in any wedding party or festival. But what is certain is that in its texture, artificial or natural thread has its own special significance which enhances the personality of any man, just like cotton clothes have their own special significance in summer days.

Kurta pajama

Kurta and pajama combined is a traditional men's dress which is worn in most of the countries of South Asia like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia etc. This garment enhances the dignity of a person and also increases smartness. is worn by most men with special fondness. On the occasion of Ramadan by the Muslim community, they wear caps on their heads which are full of different types of design and colours. It is made in such a way that it can be worn only above the ear area. The same pajama and kurta range from tight to flayer, in which some designs are also made on the kurta. By wearing this type of clothes, you get fame in your society.

It is prominently worn by the people of Hindu sect in any function like weddings or in religious rituals. In the festivals like Diwali and Durga Puja it makes the value of men smart. Use of Gamache along with Pajama and Kurta increases social dignity.


Sherwani is a traditional attire worn by men in wedding ceremonies which is usually combined with pajamas. It is also worn on major festivals or any special party which provides a smart look. Sherwani is a very long dress from kurta reaching till the ankle or even below. It is worn with a kurta or court or resembles a women's salwar suit. Presently this garment has been changed from colors to its designs which cater to the taste of men ranging from classic to modern style. At this time, beautiful embroidery is done with different types of threads like- velvet, silk etc. and it is also decorated by hand or by machines which adds to its beauty. In Indian weddings, the groom's preferred attire is Sherawali, as it is popular for all. Sherwani has a special significance in the Muslim community as this attire is prevalent in many religious rituals and weddings.

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