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Boho Chic Clothing

The word 'Boho' comes from the word 'Bohemian.' Bohemian is a fashion style that refers to hippie fashion. Boho clothing represents an alternative fashion trend to traditional clothing. There are many examples of Indian clothing closely associated with Bohemian fashion trends. The bohemian style originated in the 19th century. The style became popular, especially in the 60s and 70s. The hippie-inspired style can attract and entice anyone to have one chic boho dress. The bohemian style is a part of the culture that originated in France after the French Revolution.

The Beginning of Bohemian Style

The Bohemian style was mentioned for the first time towards the end of the 18th century during the French revolution. During that time, all the artists dressed like nomadic gypsies of a region called Bohemia. Since then, the mass has adopted the Bohemian style as a fashion trend. Many Bohemian casual dresses for women are popular among women of different regions.

Characteristics of Boho Chic Dresses

Different fashion styles have different characteristics. Boho clothing is also not an exception to it. Its hippie-inspired patterns, natural fabrics, and flowy and retro patterns are some features that make the bohemian style distinct from other styles. You can distinguish bohemian style due to the presence of some other characteristics:

The Colour Patterns

The Bohemian color pattern includes rich colors like maroons, yellow, green, blue etc. Different shades of the same color are another characteristic of the boho style. Bohemian Indo Western Dresses also follow the same color pattern.

Make You Feel Comfortable

Another essential characteristic is that Bohemian dress always makes you feel comfortable. You will be at ease when you wear a Bohemian dress. These dresses are loose, flowy, free and flouncy. You will feel free when you wear boho dresses. If you try to find out the boho style in Indian clothing, you will find many such comfortable dresses with boho characteristics. Some examples are flared Kurti, cotton skirts, woolen women's pants, Bohemian night sleepwear of Indian cotton etc.

Embellished with Embroidery

Embroidery often gives a fantastic look to bohemian clothes. Handmade embroidery is an integral part of bohemian clothing. It is common in Indian clothing.

Comfortable Materials

Since comfort is an essential characteristic of Bohemian clothing, the materials used in such dresses are often natural fabrics. Soft and natural fabrics often get the priority in bohemian clothes. Chiffon, cotton and leather are some of the comfortable materials used while manufacturing bohemian dresses. These materials are used in all bohemian dresses, including casual dresses for women.

Some Bohemian Indo-Western Dresses

Many beautiful boho Indian western dresses will make you gorgeous. Some of these are

Floral Skirts

This comfortable attire will not only give you comfort but also help you look stylish. You can use it either as casual or party wear.

Sharara Pants

It is one of the most stylish Indo-Western dresses for women to look chic and attractive. You can wear these pants with short Kurti or sleeveless tops to glorify your look.

Anarkali Kurta

Anarkali kurta is a stylish Indian attire which is also comfortable. It will also give you a bohemian look.

Floral Tops

Floral tops are perfect for making you look gorgeous. You can wear it at a party or outing as well.


If you want to look attractive, you should choose your attire carefully. Boho chic dresses also have the prowess to make you look gorgeous. Whether you prefer bohemian Indian dresses or casual dresses for women, you can choose the one suitable for you.


Q.1. When did the Bohemian fashion trend begin?

In the 18th century.
Q.2.In which country did the Boho style originate?

In France.
Q.3.What types of materials are used to create a Boho dress?

Natural fabric and soft materials are used to manufacture Boho dresses.


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