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Indya Face Scrubs and Masks for Women and Girls

Unravel healthy and glowing skin with Indya Skin Care’s range of face scrubs and masks. Curated with Indian ingredients like Haldi, Mulethi, Manjishtha, and Western scientific formulations like activated Charcoal and Hyaluronic Acid, this range will help remove all the dirt and toxins from your pores and help lighten scars & marks. From activated Charcoal face mask that will pull out toxins from your pores and Walnut infused face scrub that will slough off dead skin, to Haldi ubtan that will lighten scars & marks, these face scrubs will help reveal a glowing complexion. The range also has a hydrating sleep mask that will repair dry and tired skin and a mini facial that will brighten your skin. 

With the unique combination of Indian ingredients & efficacy of Western science, Indya Skin Care is a step towards formulating a skin care brand for the millennial Indian woman. From hydrating face washes and cleansers to toners, serums, and moisturisers, Indya Skin Care’s range has products to care for all your AM to PM skincare needs. Rooted in age-old Indian skincare practices and ingredients, and inspired by modern Western science, Indya Skin Care is a blend that is the best of both worlds, a skincare brand that is a #BlendOfBothWorlds.

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After taking over your wardrobe with styles that help you look your stylish best, Indya has now forayed into skincare. With unique formulations of Indian ingredients and Western science, we bring to you face care ranges that solve specific skin concerns. With no paraben and SLS, these products are free of mineral oils, 100% cruelty-free and are derived from nature. Every formulation is distinguished with luscious colors, enchanting scents, and a unique selection of ingredients curated keeping in mind your daily face care needs. 

Log on to the website to find an entire section dedicated to the face care needs of every new-age Indian woman. From acne-prone and dry skin to dull and fatigued, we’ve got you covered for your skin concerns.

Here are the products you’ll find under face scrubs and masks in the Indya Skin Care range:

Manjishtha & Walnut Detoxifying Face Scrub – Treat acne-prone skin with Indya Skin Care’s clarifying Manjishtha & Walnut face scrub. The antibacterial properties of Manjishtha detoxify the skin and neutralize free radicals to improve complexion. Exfoliating walnut sloughs off dead skin cells & pollutants to reveal soft, smooth, and glowing skin.

Green Tea & Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Sleep Mask – Wake up to fresh & rejuvenated skin with Indya Skin Care’s nourishing sleep mask. Formulated with Hyaluronic Acid that helps your skin attract and retain moisture and Green Tea that detoxifies pores, this overnight hydrating mask repairs dry and tired skin to reveal hydrated and supple skin.

Activated Charcoal & Hyaluronic Acid Detoxifying Face Mask – Indya Skin Care’s multi-action face mask is a soothing detox for skin clogged from daily pollutants. The absorbing properties of activated charcoal pull out toxins that cause clogged pores and prevent excess oil production. Hyaluronic acid helps in retaining moisture. Together they act to leave your skin clear, even, and hydrated.

Mulethi & Haldi Exfoliating Radiance Reveal Ubtan – Unravel naturally glowing skin with Indya Skin Care’s radiance revealing Haldi Exfoliating Ubtan. Rich with antioxidants like Curcumin, Haldi is a natural skin brightener. Healing Manjishtha(Indian Madder) lightens scars & marks and flushes out toxins from the skin. Together with their purifying properties, the ingredients, repair, nurture & illuminate the skin.

Hyaluronic Acid & Aloe Vera Brightening Mini Facial – Treat yourself to a nourishing mini facial with Indya Skin Care’s Hyaluronic Acid & Aloe Vera Brightening Mini Facial that will repair and brighten your skin. Aloe Vera will gently slough off dead skin cells and unclogs pores to reveal brighter, even skin and the Hyaluronic Acid will replenish the skin by attracting and holding in moisture, making it radiant and glowing.

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