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Choosing Trendy Cocktail Sarees

Sarees are a part of Indian culture, and women find these the best outfits to wear for any occasion. Be it a cocktail, wedding or haldi function, sarees are a preferred attire choice as they look classy and elegant. Fashion trends are fast changing, and so is the Indian saree.

Popularity of Pre-Stitched Sarees

Sarees are a great outfit to wear at any occasion. Traditionally, women have worn a wide variety of sarees, and this age-old tradition is being rekindled these days by giving the traditional saree a new look. Tying a saree is not an easy task, and the traditional saree draping has undergone a change with the introduction of pre-stitched sarees that are easy to wear and carry. Moreover, these pre-stitched sarees offer great comfort and are becoming a rage, especially with the younger generation. Be it any occasion, these pre-stitched sarees are being accepted in the fashion marketplace at a very quick pace.

The pre-stitched sarees by Indya are available in a variety of colors and designs. With these designer sarees for women, it has become easy for women to stay abreast with fashion trends and make a fashion statement. Indya’s pre-stitched sarees are a perfect choice for any occasion. Be it haldi wear sarees or cocktail sarees, Indya has given the women of today the best options to choose from.

How to Choose the Best Designer Sarees for Women?

With the wide array of choices Indya presents for designer sarees for women and pre-stitched sarees, it is not easy to pick the best one. Here are some tips that can help you to choose the best Indya saree for any occasion.

Before choosing pre-stitched sarees, the first thing to keep in mind is the location of the event. If the event is outdoor, a cocktail saree that is lighter in color would be a perfect choice, whereas when it comes to indoors, designer sarees for women in deeper hues would be an ideal option. Indya presents pre-stitched sarees in a wide range of colors; choosing the right color is a decision that greatly depends on the location of the cocktail.

For choosing the perfect designer sarees for women for cocktails, it is also essential to know the scale of the event. If it is a big event, it is better to go in for pre-stitched sarees that have embroidery on them or ones that come embellished with stones or other accessories. If the event is on a small scale, one can opt for pre-stitched sarees that come in floral prints or are plain but come in different colors. For example, if the event is a haldi ceremony, yellow haldi wear sarees are by far the best option as compared to sarees that may have a lot of embroidery on them.

Body shape and skin color are other factors that need to be considered while choosing pre-stitched sarees for any occasion. Indya presents an array of designer wear sarees for women of all body shapes and skin colors. For example, women with a fair complexion can opt for pre-stitched sarees in reds, greens, light pink, navy, wine etc. colors as these would add elegance to their look and enhance the looks. For women with dark skin tones, Indya presents a variety of pre-stitched sarees in beige, cream etc.

By keeping these tips in mind, it is very easy to choose the right sarees for any occasion and enhance the looks.


Q.1. What is a pre-stitched saree?
Ans – A pre-stitched saree is a saree that has been stitched or already draped for easy wear. Instead of going through the long task of draping the saree, these pre-stitched sarees make it easy for women to wear sarees for any occasion with great comfort. With Indya’s pre-stitched sarees, women can opt for wearing a saree easily for any occasion as the pre-stitched sarees are to be worn more like a skirt. These sarees have become a fashion trend over the last few years and have revived the trend of sarees that was fading away.

Q.2.  Are pre-stitched sarees available in a lot of variety?
Ans – Pre-stitched sarees are available in a large variety of designs, colors, prints and styles. Indya presents a very wide range of pre-stitched sarees that can be worn for any occasion. These sarees are available in every possible color and in floral prints, embroideries, and a myriad of patterns that make these wearable for any occasion. These sarees are also available in all types of fabrics. Indya also presents these drapes in various designs, styles and cuts that make these sarees trendy and fashionable.

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