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Indya Face Cleansers and Toners Online for Women and Girls

Clean skin is the first step towards healthy skin, which makes cleansers and toners the first and the most important step in any skincare routine. Gentle and light, Indya Skin Care’s facial cleansers and toners have been curated with the goodness of Goji Berries, Aloe Vera, Rose Water, Vitamin E, and Lactic Acid, to remove dirt and toxins, leaving your skin hydrated, soft and oh-so-supple. 

With the unique combination of Indian ingredients & efficacy of Western science, Indya Skin Care is a step towards formulating a skin care brand for the millennial Indian woman. From hydrating face washes and cleansers to toners, serums, and moisturisers, Indya Skin Care’s range has products to care for all your AM to PM skincare needs. Rooted in age-old Indian skincare practices and ingredients, and inspired by modern Western science, Indya Skin Care is a blend that is the best of both worlds, a skincare brand that is a #BlendOfBothWorlds.

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After taking over your wardrobe with styles that help you look your stylish best, Indya has now forayed into skincare. With unique formulations of Indian ingredients and Western science, we bring to you face care ranges that solve specific skin concerns. With no paraben and SLS, these products are free of mineral oils, 100% cruelty-free and are derived from nature. Every formulation is distinguished with luscious colors, enchanting scents, and a unique selection of ingredients curated keeping in mind your daily face care needs. 

Log on to the website to find an entire section dedicated to the face care needs of every new-age Indian woman. From acne-prone and dry skin to dull and fatigued, we’ve got you covered for your skin concerns.

Here are the products you’ll find under face cleansers and toners in the Indya Skin Care range: 

Almond & Wheat Germ Oil Rejuvenating Face Wash – This nourishing cleanser from Indya Skin Care is enriched with Sweet Almond Oil and Wheat germ Oil, ingredients that are known to resurface youthful skin. Rich sources of Vitamins B6 & E, Folic Acid, and Omega-6 fatty acids promote tissue growth while restoring the skin’s natural freshness.

Apple Cider & Aloe Vera Hydrating Face Wash – This Indya Skin Care gentle cleanser, infused with the antioxidant, moisturising properties of Aloe Vera and pH balancing Apple Cider Vinegar, is perfect for quenching dry skin. Together, they leave your face hydrated, soft, and smooth after each use.

Tea Tree Oil & Lactic Acid Clarifying Face Wash – With purifying Tea Tree Oil and Lactic Acid, this cleanser from Indya Skin Care is formulated for oily, acne-prone skin. Tea Tree Oil penetrates deep into the skin to remove toxins and restore its natural oil balance. Lactic Acid lightly exfoliates to improve skin texture and reduces the appearance of pores. The skin is left hydrated and balanced after use.

Goji Berries & Vitamin E Hydrating Face Wash – With the goodness of Goji Berries and Vitamin E, this from Indya Skin Care face wash works as a magic potion for dull skin. Goji berries brighten the skin and Vitamin E fights free radicals. Together they absorb impurities and rehydrate skin, leaving it soft and glowing.

Green Tea Infused Pore Tightening Rose Water Toner – Give your skin some post-cleansing TLC with Indya Skin Care’s soothing Green Tea & Rose Toner. With their anti-inflammatory properties, both Green Tea and Rose minimize enlarged pores, improve skin tone and complexion while naturally moisturising and cooling the face.

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