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Buy Indo-Western Dresses Online

Indo-western dresses are one of the coolest fusions around, and mixes the earthiness of a traditional indian wear with the oomph of western wear creating a unique look that’s sure to make heads turn. Indo western clothing is one of the most popular forms of clothing among millennials who like to combine the best of both worlds-- style with elegance!

HouseofIndya has some of the most uniquely designed indo-western dresses that are perfect for every occasion, be it a wedding, reception or that quick family gateway, we have the perfect lineup of indo-western outfits across a range of fabrics, fits, tones and textures. Come explore a world beyond the traditional!

Explore Trending Indo-Western Styles

When you mix the traditional with the unconventional, a new style is born that’s quirky yet elegant while being comfortable with a feeling of earthiness attached to it. As the name suggests, an indo-western dress for women is a combination of traditional indian wear mixed and matched with an western outfit to create a unique look. This style is perfect for women who are bold in their approach towards life and love to experiment, and create something that defines their unique style and persona.

Indo Western Saree

Want to give the traditional Indian saree a twist? Time to explore houseofindya’s indo-western sarees for women that are carefully crafted to combine style with grace. Indo western saree’s are like a lehenga skirt or dhoti pants with a drape already set pallu. This is best for working women as it eliminates the need of setting the pleats which saves time while bringing out the sensuous side of you. If you have love sarees, then you are going to love our modern take on this traditional Indian wear in a lighter more manageable avatar.

Sari Skirt

The perfect indo western outfit for festive dressing. The sari skirt is the dress you pick to make a bold entry statement. Choose a matching blouse to go with the sari of your choice and top it up with a light gold jewelry to complete that elegant look.

Embroidered Cape Sari Tunic

The free-flowing tunic when mixed and matched with a sari brings out a unique look that’s comfortable, graceful and sexy. Any woman who knows who has a sense of style for indo-western clothing is sure to love this one. Top that with light jewellery to complete that sensual look.

How to Choose your Indo Western outfit

Simplicity Vs Embellishments

Style is subjective, while some women are a fan of simplicity, others might like the more bolder look with embellishments. Choose one according to your style preferences to create your unique look.

Dress according to the Occasion

While an indo-western saree is perfect to attend that family wedding, a cape saree tunic is the way to go if you want to break free and be comfortable in your skin.

Pick a Dress According to Season

Dressing for the occasion isn’t just a thing, it makes all the difference between being comfortable in your skin or feeling a bit out of place. So, always pick an indo western outfit as per the season so that you are not too hot or too cold in the fabric.

Type of Fabrics you can choose from

Indo western dresses for women are available in a variety of fabrics, and you can choose one based on your preference for a specific fabric.

● Brocade
● Silk
● Crush Fabric
● Velvet
● Embroidered

Benefits of Indo Western Wear

Affordable and stylish

It’s a myth that indo-western outfits cost a bomb and not everyone can afford one. The pricing varies as per the style, design and fabric used. They are available across a range of budgets and style options with plenty of options to choose from, so don’t hesitate to explore and pick one from our classiest collections.

Perfect for Every Occasion

Whether you want to make an impression at work, or turn head at the big family wedding; indo-western dresses are versatile and can perfectly blend in for any occasion.


On the one hand, their earthiness makes them a great fit for traditional engagements, while their modern and sensuous side combined with the earthiness makes it perfect for high level engagements. It’s adaptability brings together the best of both worlds.


Q.1.Why is Indo-Western Trending?
A.1.Indo-Western clothing adds a dash of extra charm to your look. A perfect fusion helps you score high on the fashion meter, and no one wants to miss out on that.

Q.2.How do you style an Indo western dress?
A.2.Go a little extra with a pair of jeans by draping a saree around it. Quick Hack- Exude style and comfort by donning a corset belt and pairing it along with your elevating Indo-Western Saree. For all-day comfort, you can also choose to wear a cotton shirt.

Q.3.What comes under Indo western wear?
A.3.Believe it or not, Indo Western dresses are surely going to add charm to your wardrobe. Indo Western wear includes any and every outfit that can give a tang twist to your overall look, like dhotis, sharara, embroidered jackets, etc.

Q.4.What do you wear with Indo western?
A.4.Wear Indo Western Dress with minimal design/color, then head with white shoes or black sandals for a chic appeal. However, if you plan for a slim-fit glamorous attire, then the heel is your go-to solution. look stylish and quirky with a pair of boots along.

Get your Perfect Indo-Western Wear only at HouseofIndya

Explore our exclusive collection of indo-western dresses for women available across a range of style and design options. All of the outfits are crafted with love using the most premium fabrics and design elements to weave indo-western outfits that are unmatched and will give you that sensuous look you have always wanted. Don’t wait, it’s time to bring out the quirky elegant side of you!